Crowdsourcing my homework

Lest anyone get the wrong impression (I’m talking to you, Syracuse University Office of Academic Integrity) all work was completed entirely on my own, with proper citations where appropriate.

So – less than 36 hours into my Web 2.0 journey, I am already reaping the benefits of expanding my network to places (and people) that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I posted the following tweet:

Time to make a serious dent in my IST 700 paper – any input on ITIL and IT Security Architectures is much appreciated. [see the tweet]

Within the hour, I had a response from someone who works as an ITIL expert training, explaining the intricacies between ITIL and IT Security in 140 characters or less.  This spawned a tweet-a-logue (is there a term for a dialogue that takes place over Twitter?  If not – I’m coining that: tweetalogue) between him and I that has certainly helped to refine my position on the paper.

It’s great to have some positive feedback – hopefully I can continue to build on this idea and newly forming network.  Maybe I’ll tweet about all of my assignments, if this is the result.

Stay tuned….


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