Keeping up the pace…

With a busy week behind me, I’m realizing that it’s difficult to keep up the pace of regular posts.  In lieu of frequent posts, my Twitter feed on the right will provide some sporadic updates.

I think that this is one reason that Twitter is finding such success; as the pace of digital life accelerates, forcing other aspects of our life to either keep up or sign off, 140 characters is about all you can ask of people.  Plus, when you can update from the web, from your phone, or even from your Nintendo DSi, it becomes an amazingly appealing microblogging format.

So – when the posts are slow, check the Twitter feed.  Turns out that graduate school is more work than I’d expected.


2 thoughts on “Keeping up the pace…

    • As I understand it, the new DSi supports a wide array of homebrew applications – including a twitter client. It’s not a native app, but it does work – or so I’m told. I don’t actually have a DSi yet. I think we’re on the same fence!

      If I pull the trigger on one, I’ll post about it here….

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