Busy Days, Productivity Tips

Very interesting link from the Consumerist recently:

The CEO of Delta Reveals His Secrets

Whether or not the Delta CEO is someone you want to take tips from is up to you – he is, after all, a CEO at a major organization.

Two things really stuck out to me:

  • His tips on hiring, communicating, etc. are all basic, “old school” ways of getting to know people, getting in touch with people, and getting people to help you out.  These seem like they should be basic things:

his tips on hiring (ask about their family life), running meetings (no Blackberries!), and dealing with customers: “I find myself, more and more, writing hand-written notes to people,” he says. “I must write a half a dozen a day.”

  • His productivity tips, which I admire and strive to adhere to:

1. Only touch paper once.
2. Always have your homework done.
3. Return your calls very promptly.
4. Stick to your schedule.

If that’s what it takes to succeed as a CEO in Corporate America, then I’m well on my way.


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