The Serendipity of 2.0

NPR has a great article on Twitter’s new update, which removes some of the functionality (in particular the @[username] function as it pertains to users that you are not following at the time).

“This new Twitter policy breaks one of the fundamental rules of social activity streams: that I can discover new people by seeing who is conversing with the people I already know,” Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote on ReadWriteWeb. It’s crazy. Imagine the new users who are only following celebrities. Who will they be exposed to in this quieter new stream?”

NPR has actually been great at adopting Twitter in a really 2.0 way – even live-tweeting through their weekend shows.  As you can see, their is one of the streams I follow.

When people ask me about Twitter, I often describe it as a cocktail party. You show up, see someone across the room that you know and begin having a conversation with them. Some people might hear you and join in. Other conversations are taking place in the background, and you can choose to chime in at any time or stay focused on your own conversation. Either way, it was your choice.

Very interesting to be participating as these things are evolving!


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