Tool Mapping

With Google’s continuing development of all of the tools and variations of their tools available through their Google Labs function, I am really seeing a powerful confluence of tools and data.

With the announcement of integrating Google’s Tasks tool and Google’s Calendar tool: Tasks, now in Calendar, too!

This is one of the functions that I see happening more and more – the same data is going to be able to be accessed and manipulated by multiple tools, allowing you to squeeze new information out of the same data in ways that we’ve never before been able to.  Like I shared earlier, Google’s new data analytics tools offer this possibility with search results.  After I get a chance to play with those tools a little bit, I’ll offer some opinions here.

You’re seeing this from more and more companies (though typically the industry leaders: Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.), but soon the rise of open data standards will allow you to manipulate data with any different number of tools, opening new doors and options on a continual basis.

I also don’t mean to shill for Google, I just happen to be a heavy user of their tools and find success through that method.  Others prefer other tools or have other needs, so take this commentary with that grain of salt.

Task management is a recent integration into my workflow and I’m excited to see how Google’s Tasks/Calendar integration boosts my bottom-line productivity.


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