Cheers to Stephen Colbert

If you are not already aware, Stephen Colbert is broadcasting this week’s episodes of the Colbert Report from Camp Victory in Iraq.

A recent profile in the NY Times explains some of his motivations for taking his show on the road.

The idea for taping the show here came about last summer, he said, at the suggestion of Bing West, a former assistant secretary of defense and a guest on “The Colbert Report.” But the election (in which Mr. Colbert was briefly a candidate) was the show’s focus for the following few months.

There was a general feeling among soldiers there, the board member said, that Americans had largely tuned the war out, that the economy had vacuumed up all the attention even though there are around 135,000 troops still here and still doing dangerous work.

I applaud Colbert for throwing his television viewership weight behind the troops, in these times where it really does seem that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are taking a back seat to the economy, Sotomayor, health care, and a multitude of other issues.

Well done, Mr. Colbert.  I know the troops are not the only ones who appreciate your work here.

You can watch the entire first episode of the week online for free.


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