An Urgent Message from LSAC

This is exactly what all potential law-school applicants and recent LSAT-takers like to see in their inbox.  The email, in full, below:

Our records indicate that you had saved information into the 2010 [university redacted] Application. Due to a technical issue, this information has been lost and you will need to re-start the application. Your application has been removed from your “Active Applications” but continues to be listed under your “My School List.” Any common information you have previously saved in the Common Information Form or in any of your other applications will auto-populate into the 2010 [redacted] application once you begin this process. We know your applications are important to you, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions about your online account please contact Candidate Services at (215) 968-1001 or Technical Support at (215) 968-1393.


Bruce M. Bachman
Law School Admission Council

This is what my $137+$121 gets me?


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