Gas – $400/gal.

No – this is not a hypothetical, nor a scare tactic.  This is what “the Pentagon pays [on] average […] to put a gallon of fuel into a combat vehicle or aircraft in Afghanistan,” according to a report released today over at The Hill.

There are some pretty staggering implications from this reality:

  • Imagine what would happen in the United States if gas reached this price.  Or anywhere near this price.  1/10th this price.  Absolute pandemonium would ensue.  Life as we know it would cease to exist – we would find ourselves in some sort of Mad Max meets SnowCrash distopia wherein bikes, skateboards, and rollerblades are king of the hill, and nothing gets delivered anywhere, ever.
  • Are tax-payers really willing to continue to give funding to the war effort when they are confronted with realities like this?  The Hill suggests that “the statistic is likely to play into the escalating debate in Congress over the cost of a war that entered its ninth year last week.”

On the other hand, maybe not:

“It is a number that we were not aware of and it is worrisome,” Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), the chairman of the House Appropriations Defense panel, said in an interview with The Hill. “When I heard that figure from the Defense Department, we started looking into it.”

Staggering numbers aside, the challenges facing both our country and our government right now are beyond incredible.  Here’s wishing us all hope and luck as we tackle this uncertain future.


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