The Fun Theory

This is the type of thing that I would like to see more corporate money directed towards (this from Volkswagen): The Fun Theory.

The basic question is “Can you improve human behaviors by making the activity “fun” in some way?”  The answer, interestingly, seems to be yes!

There are three small examples below, but if you begin to apply this theory to all sorts of different things, you can make real change.  There have been fits and starts of these sorts of things, but I think they are gaining some serious momentum.  Take, for example, Wii Fit.  What are they doing?

Wii Fit Box

Wii Fit Box - Brilliant!

Taking something not traditionally thought of as fun (exercise) and making it fun to encourage more people to do it and stick with it.  Brilliant!

What else could we apply this to?  Are the further positive outcomes – i.e. aside from actually getting the formerly unpleasant task completed, people are generally more positive because of an increase in fun experiences?  I’d say perhaps so.

I think I will make a concerted effort to include the Fun Theory into any projects that I can – why not?  What’s wrong with making something fun to do?

Videos embedded below, click read more to see.


One thought on “The Fun Theory

  1. You are usually so serious and laser-like in your focus, that I think you could definitely use some more fun in your life. 😉

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