Cartographic Study of Musical Incest

Very interesting work by KEXP‘s Rachel Ratner:

This cartographic study of musical incest started out as a personal (and let me add, super nerdy) project of mine. I was trying to map out how the bands I’m in (Disclaimer: I’m in a few bands around town, including Partman Parthorse and Butts), and my friends bands, were interconnected. Kind of a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing… only with the Seattle Music Scene and not Kevin Bacon (although if anyone can figure out how to connect any Seattle Bands to Kevin Bacon you’ll be my hero).

It started out looking like this:

But has evolved, with the help of some professionals, to be more like this;

It’s gotten so advanced that it’s over 8 feet tall, and will be featured in a podcast (listen here) and be on display at Cairo Art gallery on November 20th at 8pm as part of their Expo 87 music festival.

Very cool project that one person started out of their personal interest and has evolved to be something really interesting to many.

Would love to see similar maps for cities like NYC, SF, etc.!


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