What Matters Now or “Be Awesome.”

Found this linked through on the blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich.  Very appropriately timed.

The empowerment movement is upon us, it is facilitated by this Global Electronic Network known colloquially as the Internet, Web, or whatever.

The way that people interact and the way that business is done has forever changed.  It cannot – ever – be the way that it once was.  To come out ahead in the new economy (and by ahead, I mean make more of an impact, not necessarily more money) one must be able to harness its power.  How do you do this?  Two simple words: be awesome.

If you are awesome, people will find you.  People will support you, your cause, your business, or your charity.  If you are awesome, opportunities will be made available to you, and collaborations will take place.  If you are awesome, needed resources will appear, and goals will be met.

How do you become awesome?  Start with the quotes and eBook below.  Then, keep working at it.

Stop waiting around for bosses and companies to get better and complaining about how are you treated.  Build the skills—and use them—that will permit you to create the environment in which you want to live.

The antidote to[our multi-tasking, ADD society] is tough-mindedness, which I define as the ability to draw lines and boundaries within which we protect and preserve the mental and emotional space to do our work and to be true to our selves.

You grow (and thrive!) by doing what excites you and what scares you everyday, not by trying to find your passion.

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