Side Projects vs. Posting Frequency

I’ve done a fair job of keeping up with my goal of posting to this blog at least one time per day.  In fact, I’ve recently eclipsed 150 posts, in less than 1 year, which is a great milestone for me.  But, I’d like to say here, publicly, that I’m not sure I can keep up the pace.

In addition to being a full-time graduate student and husband, I’ve got several side projects going on that are all time-intensive, but very interesting and worth the effort, to be sure.

Several of these side projects are poised to move forward in a big way in the near future.  One of my side projects already includes blogging for money, and at least two of my other side projects includes blogging – so don’t despair.  You’ll still be able to read my take on things, but you may have to go three places to do so.  I had thought about syndicating my other posts here, but decided against it.  My side projects are distinctly seperate, and for good reason, and I feel like combining everything here may muddy the waters too much.

Instead, look to see this space emerge as a much more personal blog – covering more mundane things, but a few “impact” topics every now and then.  I have some major life changes coming soon, which I’m sure will find their way into the blog.

In the meantime, I will continue to post, but likely with reduced frequency.  As my side projects go live, I’ll be sure to include links and other information here so that you can follow and hopefully be a part of them.  Until then, thanks for reading!


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