I’m Moving

I want to officially announce that I’m moving my blog from this address (shaycolson.wordpress.com) to shaycolson.com.

Some people might not ever see this post, if they usually visit by going straight to shaycolson.com.  Others will have to update their bookmarks, but I’m hopeful that the transition will be an easy one, and a positive one.

This will be the last post made to this account – again – you can keep up with new posts, news, and updates, over at the new shaycolson.com.


Thanks, Readers!

January 2010 was by far the best month this blog has seen. I’d like to thank all of my readers for their continued support, and hope that I can continue to provide what it is that keeps you all coming back.

Thank you all very much.

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On Absence

It’s been a while since there has been an update here.  Between the end of the Fall semester, the holidays, and the travel that goes with it, I’ve been a bit out of the digital loop.  Which, actually, has been fine.

I’ve kept up with my email, checking in at least once a day, maybe twice, but have noticed a severe drop-off in emails that are either:

  1. Real; or
  2. Need me to do anything.

This, my friends, has been nice.

I’ve got a couple more weeks of down time on my schedule, with a flurry or two of work mixed in.  Expect to see traffic here pick back up in late January as things get settled back in SYR.

Be well,



Winter has finally arrived in Syracuse.  Note the temperatures towards the end of the week.

It’s fitting, however.  Things are winding down and wrapping up with school, and the days are getting shorter.  Unsurprisingly, my desire to hibernate is getting stronger,and the morning battle with the down comforter is getting harder and harder to win.

A few loose ends to tie up in Syracuse, and then, perhaps, time to head south.

Cartographic Study of Musical Incest

Very interesting work by KEXP‘s Rachel Ratner:

This cartographic study of musical incest started out as a personal (and let me add, super nerdy) project of mine. I was trying to map out how the bands I’m in (Disclaimer: I’m in a few bands around town, including Partman Parthorse and Butts), and my friends bands, were interconnected. Kind of a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing… only with the Seattle Music Scene and not Kevin Bacon (although if anyone can figure out how to connect any Seattle Bands to Kevin Bacon you’ll be my hero).

It started out looking like this:

But has evolved, with the help of some professionals, to be more like this;

It’s gotten so advanced that it’s over 8 feet tall, and will be featured in a podcast (listen here) and be on display at Cairo Art gallery on November 20th at 8pm as part of their Expo 87 music festival.

Very cool project that one person started out of their personal interest and has evolved to be something really interesting to many.

Would love to see similar maps for cities like NYC, SF, etc.!


I’ve been getting some questions lately about Movember.  What is it?  Check out this video:

Interested?  Want more about my own Movember involvement?  Our iSchool team has been getting some good press lately, both from our own internal mechanisms, and as a headliner on SU News.

Still interested?  Want to donate?  Check out our official team page for donation information:


For all the mo you can handle:




Overly Apologetic?

I love Pandora‘s service – just music that I like, when I want it – streaming on my browser, iPhone, etc.

But – when I tell Pandora that I don’t like a certain song, I feel like they’re being a bit overly apologetic.  I actually feel bad for the little wizard who runs the service!

See below for their apologies.

You don't have to be so sorry - just skip the song and don't come back.

You don't have to be so sorry - just skip the song and don't come back.